Farm Management

Farm Management

  • We help High Network Individuals, Companies and government to set up large farms in Nigeria.
  • From land leasing to sales of produce, our team of expert manage the entire farming project.
  • Our Agronomist start with soil profiling to know the best crops that can thrive in that location partnering with some standard laboratories in Nigeria. Conduct a pilot program to see the actual yield before we scale it.
  • This has guaranteed 100% success rates for all our farm operations for our clients.
  • Contact Us today to set up and manage your farm for you*

Farm Equipment & Agro allied Sales/Rental Service

  • Mayal Agricultural Services Co. Ltd, partner with high Technology companies in Nigeria and overseas in provide farm machineries to Farmers in Nigeria.
  • Our partnership with Farm Equipments Manufacturers, Leasing Companies and Government Agencies is to  provide farmer with equitable standard  equipment  for sales and rental services for food production.
  • Mechanized farming can be made accessible and and cheaper for farmers who incorporate as groups of cooperative societies or corporate to hired or buy these equipment for increasing of food productivity.
  • You can now rent Dozers (D7 and D8) for land clearing from us at a discounted rate*
  • You can now rent Tractors and Harvesters from us at a competitive rate.*
  • You can hire Seed Planting machines from us from us at an affordable rate.*
  • You can rent spraying machines from us at the cheapest rate*
  • You can now access quality seed from us*
  • Contact us today to buy or lease farm equipments.

Agronomic Services

  • We provide innovative solutions in modern agriculture by leveraging technology and science.
  • We believe that agriculture arrive it success if 60% technology is applied and practiced, while 30% of science research is been adopted while 10 of  human inputs is been managed.
  •  We  advise and develop technological solutions to 21st century precision farming.
From digital technology to sophisticated agricultural technology that makes mechanized farming easier, smarter, better and profitable for our clients.
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