Mayal Agricultural Services Co.Ltd (MASCO.LTD) is the fasted growing agronomy companies that connect farmers to buyers, provide agronomic & precision services to Farmers, Sales and hiring of farm machineries, production of Ginger, Turmeric, Rice, maize, sorghum, Beans and processed them to Ginger drinks, Spices, Ginger oils, Flour Mills, organic fertilizer, livestock farming and other agro allied value additions.

 The company is diversified and fully integrated agricultural company with the Headquarter in Kaduna State, North west Nigeria.

 The company is projecting to expand her area of interest in agriculture to southern and eastern part of Nigeria with traditional base foods processing plants.

Our objectives

  • To carry on the business of sale, supply, production, marketing and distribution of ginger and other related products in all ramifications.
  • To carry on business of agricultural services to both small and large scale farms on tree crop production, arable farming, animal husbandry, livestock breeders, mixed farming, contract farming, factory farming, organic farming, dry and off season farming, intensive farming, truck farming, tank farming, hydroponic (horticulture: art or science of cultivating gardens) or otherwise to import, store, process, semi-process in any or all agricultural chemical and agro-allied related products. To establish, agro-chemical industries and supply, market, distribute, store, package and preserve, process agro products in all ramifications/branches
  • To carry on the business of agricultural farming, agricultural mechanized farming and agro allied products and to produce fertilizer for crop. To carry on business as farmers, farm merchants and to engage in all or any of the activities of producing, storing, distributing, or marketing of farm produce and products.
  • To carry on business of poultry and fishery farming, feed mill, deep sea fishing, trawling, fruit farmers, millers and manufacturers, representatives, importers and exporters, to buy, sell manufacture and deal in general mechanize and all articles, substances, products systems and appliances that will enable it realize its set objectives
  • To carry on the business of general supplies, trading commission agents, manufacturers of general products and to carry on business of manufacturing, production and sales of livestock feed, fertilizer, pesticides and other farm implements  
  • To carry on the business of sale, purchase of machineries and commodities of all kind and description either by buying, selling, letting or hiring to other companies, firms, or persons and to do all or any of such act, transactions and things in connection with or for any of these purpose on such terms and in such manner as may be durable or expedient.
  • To undertake any business of manufacturing or industrial nature either alone or in association with some other person or persons and to prepare, package and preserve for sale manufactured goods of all kinds.
  • To borrow or raise money in such manner of the company shall fit, and in particular by the issue of debenture of debenture stock (perpetual or otherwise).
  • To provide food security, promotion of agro organic products and services, connecting farmers to the buyers at the global market.
  • To provide organic agricultural value chain in Nigeria and in extension to the globe
  • To enable optimum utilization of agricultural resources in Nigeria.
  • To develop food chain mart that connect farmers and processor in Nigeria.
  • To establish linkages of farmers to the government financial Institutions (Central Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Industry, Bank of Agriculture and other required institutional support services for credit facilities, mechanize farm technology.
  • Provide adequate research data analysis to farmers and from institutions and organizations to farmers both at home and Diaspora.
  • To develop an action plan for achieving sustainable agricultural growth with food security and a cropping system that will improve farmers’ income.(precision farming)
  • To provide farmers with modern mechanization and organic agricultural extension services
  • Adopt organic integrated system, drone application of insecticides and organic fertilizer application
  • To cultivate over 1000 hectares of ginger, rice, maize and turmeric.

To process over 100metric tons per day of ginger drinks, tea, flour mills in factory plant

Mayalorganics is a digital agro company that help High Network smallholder, largeholder farmers and Companies to set up small farms and  large farms in Nigeria, we connect farmers to buyers of their farms produce and processor access to raw materials.

access to farm for cultivation or crops,  sales of produce, marketing of farm produce.

 we manage the entire farming project.


MAYAL Agronomy services start by soil profiling to know the best crops that can thrive in that location. Conduct a pilot program to see the actual yield before we scale it.

This has guaranteed 100% success rates for all our farm operations for our clients.

Contact Us today to set up and manage your farm for you. our technical soil and crop scientist work at the clock to provide authentic and best standard services for foods security amd production.


Farm Equipment Sales and Rental Service

Mayal Agricultural Services Company Limited (MASCO..LTD) provide our clients with the world best technology of farm  Equipment for  Sales and Rental Service in Nigeria through our partners companies..

MASCO.LTD  partnership Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (FMSTI), with Farm Equipment Manufacturers, Leasing Companies and Government Agencies in providing farm equipments for sales and rental services, Fertilizer application, Chemical control and other agro-allied products to Farmers in Nigeria.


  • You can now rent Tractors and Harvesters from us at a competitive rate.

  • You can hire Seed Planting machines from us from us at an affordable rate.

  • You can rent spraying machines from us at the cheapest rate in the market.

Contact us today to lease farm equipment from us.


Sales of High-Quality Produce & Products

MASCO.LTD  in partnership Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) in Nigeria, Agricultural Research Institutes and  Seeds Production Companies in providing adequate and quality seed to local small holding and large scale farmers for better yields and food security.

Place your order today! Contact Us.


Agritech Consultancy

  • We are Agritech Consultants, our technical department is willing and able to solve your problems in any area of your challenge in the agricultural technology sector. We work with Individuals, Companies, Organizations, Government agency and departments operating within the  agricultural circle.

  • We provide innovative solutions in modern agriculture by leveraging technology.

  • We believe that agriculture is 95% technology and 5% human inputs. So we advise and develop technological solutions to 21st century farming. we are adopting precision system of farming in Nigeria for foods production and it value chains. From digital technology to sophisticated agricultural technology that makes mechanized farming easier, smarter and better, we provide for our clients.

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